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A Consulting Engineering Organisation

UNIK ENGINEERING SERVICES, a Consulting Engineering Organisation was constituted in 1978 by Mr. U G Acharya, with a progressive professional outlook to provide excellent quality engineering services for the design of electrical systems for various types of projects.

Ever since its very inception, the Company has been maintaining a steady growth in the field of engineering services. UNIK has established itself as a leading engineering consulting firm with more than 30 years experience in the design, detailed engineering and implementation of a wide range of power generation, transmission and distribution projects.

Because of excellent quality services provided by us at economical rates, leading consultancy firms, reputed process know-how suppliers and number of other large, medium and small-scale project entrepreneurs have entrusted to us the design and detailed engineering assignments for a number of their projects.

UNIK have a well equipped design office with experienced full time engineers and draftsmen. Further UNIK have a highly qualified and experienced team of consulting engineers who have 10 to 25 years experience in their respective disciplines with leading consulting engineering firms in India and abroad and their services are utilized by UNIK from time to time depending on the work-load and type of assignments undertaken by UNIK.

Expert Team

UES Team

At our very core, Unik is a group of people who have a successful history of service and dedication to the Engineering industry. Our company leaders challenge our teams to bring our clients a creative energy that pushes and challenges us to find better Engineering solutions. We believe that we actually and genuinely make a viable and valuable contribution to each and every one of our clients.

Suhas Acharya


Suhas's engineering and project experience is diverse and focuses on providing the right design that meets the client's technical requirements, budget and operational needs. He is a Mechanical Engineer from MU.

Suresh Acharya


Suresh Acharya has served in a finance and operations leadership role for over 25 years. Suresh has a Bachelor of Commerce and Accounting degree from University of Mumbai.

U.G Acharya


U.G Acharya (12 April 1937 - 16 June 2013) Mr. Acharya was an inspiring leader and had set a number of complex projects for international oil and gas, power distribution and manufacturing companies.